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Greek Orthadox Patriarch leads Holy Fire ceremony in Jerusalem

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WET 'N' WILD: Ellie Goulding having fun in the Miami sun

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Take a look at the facilities in West Point military academy

Home | Entertainment | Panthers owner Cliff Viner, socialite wife Jill got quickie divorce in the Keys

Panthers owner Cliff Viner, socialite wife Jill got quickie divorce in the Keys

The Florida Panthers are kicking behinds on the NHL ice. But rink-side, it hasn’t been so pleasant for club owner Cliff Viner.

Viner’s dealing with the aftermath of his divorce, finalized in secret in the fall.

Viner, his socialite wife Jill and their lawyers flew down to Key West in September to redefine the term “quickie divorce.” They filed and were declared officially split forever in just a week.

While financial records and details of the settlement were sealed, some of it popped up in Palm Beach County Court last week for enforcement. The Viners live in Boca Raton.

“Cliff and Jill wanted to do this privately,” said Cliff’s attorney, Jeff Fisher. “They resolved everything amicably. They’re both great people.”

Court papers indicate the Missus quick-deeded the couple’s two homes, a 14,000-square-foot mansion and a $1.7 million penthouse on the beach, to Cliff.

And although, as a marital asset, the Panthers could have been in play in the divorce, Jill relinquished any right to a share of the team. Cliff remains solely in control.

“This matter is personal and private in nature,” a statement from the Panthers read. “It has had absolutely no impact on the operations of the Florida Panthers. The franchise is currently ... in the cusp of clinching a berth in the Stanley Cup playoffs, and is the healthiest it has ever been.”


If you happened to have spotted Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg at a Miami-Dade County Jail Tuesday, you saw right.

No, Wahlberg wasn’t back to his old days as a street thug. Tuesday marked the start of filming for the Michael Bay shoot-’em-up Pain and Gain, with Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson, Ed Harris and Tony Shalhoub. And the first scenes were filmed at The Miami-Dade County Stockade, a temporary holding facility on Northwest 36th Street.

Film Commissioner Sandy Lighterman tells Gossip Extra that producers used an empty space inside the jail, and shot scenes by the barbed wire outside.

The inmates? “They were on lockdown for a while,” Lighterman said. “But things were done with minimal disturbance to them.”

The $25 million film’s expected to be shot in its entirety in Miami-Dade and Broward counties over the next two months.


Former Dancing With The Stars standout Rob Kardashian, Kim’s lil’ bro, sold Miami Beach cops a bill of goods the other day and got away with it.

Police grabbed Kardashian in a Miami Beach smoke shop and cuffed him about 5 a.m. Sunday after they spotted him running after another guy, who sought refuge in the shop.

The man being chased was Freddy Hernandez, a well-known paparazzo.

While Kardashian claimed he was just goofing around and let go without charges, Hernandez said he knows better.

“No he wasn’t,” Hernandez said. “I had to run into traffic and I almost got run over. I was worried.”

Hernandez said the chase started when he snapped photos of Kardashian and his girlfriend leaving Mansion.

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